Neighborhood, Business and Worship Watches

Resident Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program involves groups of people living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together and in conjunction with local law enforcement to reduce crime and improve their quality of life. At Neighborhood Watch meetings, participants are taught basic crime prevention concepts that reduce crime opportunities in their neighborhood. Focusing on safety concerns and neighborhood alerts from the police department, these meetings facilitate person-to-person engagement with fellow residents. Neighborhood watch members are not police officers and do not apprehend criminals. Instead, members are taught whom to call to report suspicious activities and how to file reports of a non-emergency nature. For questions, contact Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at 804-318-8699.

  1. Neighborhood Watch Is and Is Not

Neighborhood Watch Is and Is Not

Neighborhood Watch is:

  • Residents trained to recognize suspicious or criminal activities
  • Residents reporting criminal or suspicious activities to the police
  • Residents keeping informed about activities in their neighborhood
  • Residents watching for suspicious, criminal or dangerous activities in their neighborhoods
  • Residents providing valuable information to police to help them investigate suspicious activities
  • Residents assisting the police in preventing crime

Neighborhood Watch is not:

  • A group of vigilantes or people taking the law into their own hands
  • A program that takes the place of the police
  • Residents enforcing the law or apprehending criminals
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  1. Maintaining Neighborhood Watch

Calls for Service

A call for service is a call from the public requesting police, fire, or rescue emergency or non-emergency response.

  1. Calls for Service Report - Communities with Neighborhood Watch Programs

Calls for Service Report - Communities with Neighborhood Watch Programs

Updated monthly, the calls for service in communities with Neighborhood Watch programs (PDF) provides public access to view calls for service data pertaining to police responses within a county neighborhood having an active neighborhood watch program. This report contains only calls for service assigned to police units where one or more Chesterfield County Police employees responded to evaluate or take action, or an event that came to the attention of police or is initiated by police that required formal documentation (e.g., case report, supplemental report or accident report). Examples include calls regarding reporting a burglary, neighbor problem or suspicious activity, ringing alarm bell, shooting, or traffic accident with injuries; detectives making an arrest; officers finding a stolen vehicle; or officers searching out and arresting a fugitive.

All calls for service receive a unique call number which serves as the incident identifier for Police reference. Upon investigation, some calls for service are called crimes and are classified as incidents for the purpose of reporting to the Virginia State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Not all police contacts with the public are calls for service, and not all calls for service are crimes.

Not all calls for services are included, as certain types of calls are excluded from public disclosure including mental health, overdose, rape, search warrant, sex offense, suicide, terrorist incident and vehicle repossession.

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Business and Worship Watches

In addition to the Neighborhood Watch, both businesses and places of worship have opportunities to participate in watch programs.

  1. Business Watch

Business Watch

Businesses can join the Business Watch program to stay up to date on crime trends, crime prevention techniques and unique training opportunities. Members receive email crime alerts and prevention tips. Alerts are sent based on crime specificity or the type of businesses being targeted. Beneficial suspect information may be provided.

To join, email our Business Watch Coordinator the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Business Owner/Manager
  • Business Address (Physical Location)
  • Business Email
  • Business Telephone Number

Request a Business Safety Training Presentation

Chesterfield Police offer educational safety trainings that are available to all businesses in Chesterfield County. To join or request a program, contact the Business Watch Coordinator by email or call 804-318-8699. Current trainings offered include:

  • Active Shooter Incidents
  • Personal Safety
  • Robbery Training
  • Security Assessments
  • Workplace Violence
  1. Worship Watch