Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are valued members of our department. Each volunteer helps support the department and builds on our positive partnership with our community.

If you are interested in serving your community in any of the following roles, please email the police department’s volunteer coordinator or call 804-318-8995. All potential volunteers must undergo a background investigation.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

  • Police Officer Hiring Process Volunteers: These volunteers participate in panel interviews of police officer applicants and review final background investigation summary reports to provide recommendations for hire.
  • Animal Services: Volunteers help with the Animal Shelter’s Dog Exercise Program, or by washing bowls, cleaning cages, doing laundry or aiding at off-site adoption events.
  • Public Safety Cadets: The Public Safety Cadet Program is a volunteer program for young people who want to learn about law enforcement and criminal justice professions.
  • Mail Couriers: Mail Couriers transport departmental mail between police department buildings.
  • Motorist Assistance Team: Motorist Assistants help disabled motorists, assist at crash scenes and direct traffic at many county events.
  • Office/Administration Volunteers: Volunteers work alongside employees in administrative roles in areas such as Personnel, Property, Records and Crime Prevention.
  • Police Chaplains: Police Chaplains provide 24-hour, on-call assistance to officers during death notifications, suicide interventions and grief counseling situations, and to people in crisis due to traffic- or injury-related deaths. They are also available to provide counseling and pastoral services to officers, their families, other department members and community members, upon request.
  • Special Events: These volunteers help with a wide variety of tasks, including collating mailings and supplies, preparing and serving refreshments at department events, dressing as McGruff and more.
  • Training Scenario Actors: Training Scenario Actors take part in the DCJS Mandatory Practical Testing with police academy recruits.