Co-Sponsored Groups

Athletic and Recreational Co-Sponsored Groups

All co-sponsored groups are required to complete a co-sponsorship agreement due each year by July 1. Please complete either the Athletic Co-Sponsorship Agreement (PDF) or the Recreational Co-Sponsorship Agreement (PDF). The completed agreement must be accompanied by the organizations' bylaws and a list of board of directors to include their name, address and phone number. Additionally, review the co-sponsored groups code of conduct (PDF).

  1. Background Checks

Background Checks

National background checks are required for those individuals associated with cosponsored youth groups (i.e. coaches, board members, etc.). All new individuals will be required to complete the new background check process, which includes fingerprinting. All approved individuals will be sent a national background check card with an expiration date of three years. Current background check cardholders may be selected for random background checks. Please call 804-748-1134 for more information.

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