Motorist Assistance

Motorist Assistance Team members often patrol during the busiest times of the work day.

Members may be called on to jump start a vehicle, deliver a gallon of gasoline to a stranded motorist, or direct traffic at the scene of an accident, fire or crime.


Team member duties can include:

  • Patrolling an assigned area and responding to calls
  • Helping officers control traffic at crash scenes
  • Responding to hazardous road conditions such as debris in the road, high water, ice spots, etc.
  • Assisting officers at intersections where traffic lights are not working
  • Relieving officers who are awaiting tow truck services
  • Helping officers arrange traffic detours in the event of a crime scene, crash or fire
  • Assisting officers with traffic control at community events
  • Providing directions and guidance to motorists


All applicants are required to undergo an extensive background investigation.

For more information, please email the Volunteer Coordinator.