Pending Development and Zoning Cases

Review and Recommend Regarding Development

Planning reviews and makes recommendations on many types of requests relating to development, including zoning requests, site plans, subdivisions, building permits and certificates of occupancy. View the Boards and Commissions page for more information regarding Board of Supervisors, Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission meetings and agendas. View the Case Information map for all case information, both pending and archived.

Pending Cases Map

View the locations of current pending zoning (land use) or plan review (site plan and subdivision) cases on the county’s Planning Pending Cases map. Information on a specific case can be found by entering one of the following in the map search bar:

In the Sign Posting Number search:

  • Sign posting number (three-digit numeric identifier, ex: 123; see Planning Sign Examples)

In the main map search:

  • Case number (eight-digit alphanumeric identifier, ex: 23SN0300)
  • Case name (ex: Road Name Rezoning)

Note that, to use the map, you must first accept the disclaimer (by checking the agreement box and then clicking the "OK" button). Additionally, this map application shows only cases that are under review with the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission or Planning Department, not those subsequently approved, withdrawn or denied.

Planning Sign Examples

Some pending cases involve the posting of physical signs at the site location. These signs will look similar to the following examples and contain a three-digit numeric identifier (sign posting number) that can be used to search for case information in the pending cases map.

Example of a Community Meeting Planning Sign.
Example of a Development Plan Planning Sign.
Example of a Zoning Amendment Planning Sign.

Case Status Descriptions

View status descriptions for each type of case.

Pending Administrative Variance Case Status Descriptions

View pending administrative variance cases.

The Planning director may grant an administrative variance from any building setback requirement. This is an administrative process; however, the request will be advertised in local newspapers, sign posted and notice of request will be sent to adjacent property owners.

Application Review
The first stage of the process, application review, occurs after a complete application has been submitted along with associated fees and supporting documents. Once the Planning Department accepts the application a case manager and case number are assigned. Additional documentation regarding the request may be submitted for consideration prior to the final report.

Anticipated Final Date
The director will approve or disapprove the application not less than 90 days after the date of the submission of the application. The anticipated final date will be scheduled 60 days after the date of submission of the application to provide for required notifications and staff examination the request. Should concerns or opposition arise during this part of the process, the anticipated final date could be moved out an additional 30 days to allow for further examination. Once a determination has been made, you will be sent written notice of the director’s decision.

Example Status:
Administrative Variance - Application Review

Development Proposal Case Lookup

Information can be found on recent development proposals (cases) that have been reviewed by Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission as part of Planning’s land use, site plan and subdivision review process. As of February 2023, this information can be found within the meeting records. For more information about development proposals, contact us at 804-748-1050 or email Planning.

Weekly Review Order for Active Site and Subdivision Plans

The comments for Site Plan and Subdivision review cases are currently not available online. Comments can be obtained by contacting the case manager for the case you are researching. You can find case names and numbers, case manager information, and the timetable for reviews on the Weekly Review Order for Active Plans Review (PDF).