Alarm System Permits & False Alarms

The following information is provided for general information regarding the County's Alarm Ordinance. Specific provisions of the Alarm Ordinance are set forth in Chapter 15, Article I. Alarm Systems.

  1. Permit Requirements
  2. False Alarm Charges
  3. Permit Revocations / Reinstatement
  4. Definitions

Permit requirements

  • Alarm System permits are required within 30 days of the installation date.
  • Go to the Chesterfield County alarm portal and register online.
  • From the Chesterfield County alarm portal, you can download a copy of the Alarm Registration Form. Instructions for returning the form via mail or email are on the form.
  • NOTE: The email account listed on the previous Alarm Form PD-041 has been disabled. Please email all new permits to the address on the updated form or register online through the Chesterfield County alarm portal.
  • A $25 charge may be assessed to any owner or tenant who fails to meet the permit requirements.

Service Charge and Penalty

If assessed, charges must be paid before required permit will be issued.

If the permit required is not obtained within 30 days after being notified by the Chief of Police that it is required and continued operation of the alarm system occurs, by the owner or tenant, it shall amount to a class 4 misdemeanor carrying a penalty of up to $250.


Any changes in the permit information must be reported within 10 days of the change by calling 855-694-8279 or making the change through the Chesterfield County alarm portal.

Automated Dialing Device

It is unlawful for any automated dialing device or system to call, or in any other manner make direct contact, with the county's enhanced 911 emergency telephone system.

All automated dialing services will be required to connect to an emergency seven-digit number designated by the county. A violation of this section shall constitute a class 1 misdemeanor which is punishable by fine or imprisonment set forth by state law.