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Programs for Adults Aged 50+

Active Lifestyles 50+ recreational and leisure programs are designed for adults aged 50 and older. These programs include activities such as concerts, fitness, games, instructional classes, lifelong learning, luncheons, socials and trips. Activities are held at parks, schools, churches, and the Bensley, Ettrick and Stonebridge recreation centers.

As with all Parks and Recreation programs, online registration is available for any Active Lifestyles 50+ program, which are available to view in the most recent Active Lifestyles 50+ program brochure (PDF).

For additional aged 50+ resources, visit Chesterfield Aging and Disability Services and the Virginia Office for Aging Services.

Essential Eligibility Requirements

Essential Eligibility Requirements ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals both with and without disabilities. The requirements outline general prerequisite skills regarding safety, endurance, behaviors, personal care and medical issues. Essential Eligibility Requirements will be sent out with the participant profile (PDF). If an individual cannot meet all the requirements, the Therapeutic Recreation staff will assist in finding a more suitable program.

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