How do I track my absentee (vote by mail) ballot?

Track your vote by mail ballot using Ballot Scout. Ballot Scout is an application that tracks domestic ballots sent through the mail using United States Postal Service (USPS) Intelligent Mail barcodes. Ballot Scout was created by Democracy Works, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, and is used here in partnership with your local election office. After you sign up, Ballot Scout will send a text and/or email whenever your ballot moves to a new status. When you sign up, if your ballot has already started traveling, you will not receive notifications for any of the previous statuses. Once mailed, your ballot will typically take between 2-5 days to be delivered. Please note, the estimated delivery date is determined based on a piece of USPS scan data that is received when the ballot has been tagged as out for delivery from your local postal facility, not that it has arrived in your mailbox. 

View a brief video on how Ballot Scout works.

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