Disqualifications and Exemptions
  • If requesting a disqualification or exemption, please read and follow all directions carefully. Incomplete information may lead to your request being denied.
  • Currently, only those disqualifications and exemptions listed on the Juror Qualification Questionnaire will be reviewed and considered by our Jury Commissioners. If you have a situation that you think may disqualify or exempt you from jury service, that is not listed on the questionnaire, you will be able to address your circumstance with the jury office if you receive a summons for jury service in the mail sometime next year. Please, do not call the jury office seeking a disqualification at this time.

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1. Juror Qualification Questionnaire Process
2. Completing the Juror Questionnaire
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5. If I Have Already Served Jury Duty
6. Disqualifications and Exemptions
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