What is being done to address the issue?

The water treatment facilities that provide drinking water the Chesterfield County perform multiple tests on a regular basis. Such tests range from monitoring the quality of water in lake and river water sources to testing treated drinking water leaving the plant and arriving to a customer’s location. When a taste or odor issue is detected by the treatment plant or reported by customers, adjustments to plant treatment such as adding more activated carbon and optimizing filtration processes occurs along with additional testing. The county’s Department of Utilities also sends crews out to flush areas where customers report a taste and odor issue. Line flushes help to remove older water in the lines and replace with fresher tasting water.

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1. Why does my drinking water have an earthy taste and odor?
2. What is Geosmin and MIB?
3. What are the effects of Geosmin and MIB?
4. What causes increased levels of Geosmin and MIB?
5. What can be done about Geosmin and MIB?
6. Is the water safe to drink?
7. What is being done to address the issue?
8. If a taste and odor issue occurs, how long until the issue is resolved?
9. What can I do to improve the taste and odor of the water?
10. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about my water?