Once notified, what do we need to do?
  • Students are to be withdrawn from the home school. They are then enrolled in our school. You will receive a request for the records we need. Please make sure to send all requested records. We are going to start sending follow up requests if we do not have all records. We need them to assure appropriate class placement, SOL testing, and special education services. It is critical that those records be sent to us as soon as is possible.
  • In our request for records we also include a request for home school work. We have teachers certified in all core subjects, special education, and some electives. If a Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home School teacher wants to send work for the student to complete, that work will be given priority. Work will be sent back to the home school for grading. Students do not have access to Chromebooks here because of the security involved.
  • If teachers choose not to send home school work, then our teachers will provide instruction here. Our goal is to provide the student with as many of their courses as are possible. However, due to staffing and/or safety concerns, there are classes that we cannot offer. For example,  we cannot offer CTC courses, foreign language courses, etc. If home school teachers send work, however, we will do everything in our power to help the student complete the work. Teacher-sent work trumps the work we assign here. Our goal is to have students transition smoothly back to their home school.
  • Teachers cannot expect students to make up missed work as students were enrolled in a school. The student should be treated as any other transfer student upon their return.

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1. How do we know when a student is a resident of the Chesterfield Detention Home?
2. Once notified, what do we need to do?
3. What is the best way to get that information to you?
4. What does the school day look like at the Detention Home School?
5. Do any students from the Detention Center attend their home school while detained?
6. Can home school teachers contact the detention home teachers?
7. What if a student is taking an on-line course?
8. Can a student take continue with an AP course when in Detention?
9. Is G.E.D. offered at the Detention Home School?
10. Do students take SOLs while in the Detention Home?
11. When a child is released from the Chesterfield Detention Home, are we notified?
12. What do we do with the grades that we receive?
13. Sometimes we send work and the student is back in school the next day. This is a lot of work. Why does this happen?
14. You send end of the year grades to us for students who are still in the Detention facility. What should we do with those grades?