Do students take SOLs while in the Detention Home?
  • Yes. SOL testing is conducted at Detention. We make every effort to ensure that we test everyone eligible. If they are enrolled in an SOL class, they will take the SOL for that course. If they need retakes (i.e., if they are a term graduate or need it for a verified credit), we will retest them if enrolled during SOL test-taking time. You will receive the SOL score reports with the Educational Transfer Summary upon the student’s release.
  • Some special education students achieve SOL scores that make them eligible for credit accommodations in their IEP. Please pass these scores onto your special education coordinator so that the students will have an opportunity to receive credit for their scores.

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1. How do we know when a student is a resident of the Chesterfield Detention Home?
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10. Do students take SOLs while in the Detention Home?
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