Completing the Juror Questionnaire

Chesterfield Circuit Court has made completing the Juror Questionnaire easy and convenient. Using your computer, tablet, smartphone or most mobile devices, you can complete the Questionnaire online in just a few minutes.

Online (preferred): The quickest and easiest way is to visit our secure eResponse Juror website listed on your Questionnaire or scan the QR code. To sign-on, use the Candidate ID number shown on your questionnaire and your date of birth to login. Once completed, nothing further is needed from you at this time.

Mail in Form: While submitting the questionnaire online is preferred, we understand that is not an option for those who do not have access to the internet. Follow the ’Important Instructions’ on the Questionnaire and complete all questions completely and legibly. 

To mail the form back:

  • Follow the ‘Fold Here and Seal to Return’ markings located on the questionnaire to fold and seal the form for return to the court. 
  • Verify that ‘Return Completed Form To’ court address is facing out. 
  • Remember to apply postage or you may bring the completed form to the Chesterfield Circuit Court during business hours and drop it off in the clerk’s office.

Please submit only one Questionnaire, either online or the paper form. DO NOT DO BOTH.

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