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Eppington Plantation

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  1. Historical

About Eppington Plantation

Built in 1768 in Chesterfield County, Eppington Plantation served as the residence of Frances Eppes VI, a distinguished farmer and brother-in-law to Thomas Jefferson. In 1989, Chesterfield County accepted the donation of the plantation house, along with 43 acres of land, which included the cemetery, from the Hinds/Cherry family. This donation, orchestrated by Mary Ellen Howe, marked Eppington as the crown jewel among the county's historic homes.

Listed on both the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places, Eppington stands as a testament to early American formal architectural style. Scholars and enthusiasts alike study its original elements, such as painted surfaces, carved metals, and wainscoting. The plantation also exhibits personal artifacts from the various families who once resided there. Additionally, Eppington holds a significant place on the African American Heritage Trails. Visitors can explore this historic site through small, reservation-only tour groups or during special programs.  

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Your tax-deductible donation to the Foundation will be used to secure property surrounding the house, the slave quarter area and to reconstruct an 18th century school house and kitchen. Donations will also be used to build a future visitor’s center. All this will be made possible through the support of our donors.

The Eppington Foundation

The Eppington Foundation was formed in 1991. Its mission is to preserve, restore and reconstruct Eppington and to educate the public as to its historical, cultural agricultural and architectural significance. The Foundation also raises funds to pay for projects such as repairs, paint analysis, and rebuilding the school house and kitchen. The Eppington Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization with 501 (c )(3) status.


  • Gray Collins, III, President
  • Michael S. Golden, Vice President
  • Mary Ellen Howe, Executive Director
  • J. Raleigh Salyer, Treasurer
  • Bryan Truzzie, Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Kevin Carroll
  • Michael Cherry
  • M. Kirkland Cox
  • Marleen Durfee 
  • Lucious Edwards, Jr.
  • David H. Gates
  • Donald Gulledge
  • Susan Nunemaker
  • Lane Ramsey
  • Neil Luther
  • Patricia A. Sternheimer

Honorary Lifetime Members

  • Kenneth E. Cousins
  • Major General Donald R. Gardner, USMC (retired)*
  • The Honorable Ernest P. Gates*∞
  • W. Lowndes Wilson*

President Emeritus