What is Short Term Rental Tax?

A rental tax from the lessee of the daily rental property at the time of the rental for periods of 92 consecutive days or less.

The term short-term rental property does not include trailers or other tangible personal property required to be licensed or registered with the department of motor vehicles, department of game and inland fisheries, or the department of aviation.

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1. What is Short Term Rental Tax?
2. What are the effects of certification as a short-term rental company?
3. What is the application deadline for certification?
4. Are there any extensions to the January 31 date for renewal applications for certification?
5. What if a previously-certified short-term rental business misses the deadline for renewal or otherwise does not qualify for certification in a subsequent year?
6. What is the tax rate?
7. If I collect Short-Term Rental tax, do I have to have a business license as well?
8. What are the due dates for the reporting and remittance of Short-Term rental taxes collected?
9. Is there a late filing/payment penalty for failure to file or remit a return by the prescribed deadlines?
10. What records must I keep regarding Short-Term Rental tax?