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Convenience Center Contractor Registration - Effective January 1, 2020


  1. 1. Convenience Center Guidelines
  2. 2. Business Owner Information
  • Convenience Center Guidelines

    1. The Chesterfield County Convenience Centers were established to provide cost effective and convenient waste and recycling options for the residents of the county. These sites are also intended for small contractors performing work at individual homes within Chesterfield County on behalf of the resident.

      Per Department of Environmental Quality and Chesterfield County guidelines, the convenience centers are not permitted to collect the following wastes from contractors:

      • Waste collected from more than one real property
      • Ammunition
      • Commercial waste
      • Appliances
      • Waste from a locality other than Chesterfield County
      • Asbestos
      • Construction materials from new home builders
      • Batteries
      • Debris from moving companies or moving vans/box trucks
      • Dirt
      • Fire extinguishers
      • Electronic waste
      • Lamps or light tubes
      • Hazardous chemicals
      • Lead
      • Paint
      • Mattresses
      • Petroleum products
      • Pallets
      • Stumps, wood chips, mulch
      • Tanks or cylinders
      • Timber greater than 8' long or 16" in diameter
      • Tires

      These wastes should be taken to a sanitary solid waste landfill (e.g., Shoosmith), construction, demolition & debris landfill (e.g., S.B. Cox or Skinquarter) or other approved waste disposal facility.

    2. The following are some additional site guidelines for small contractors who are eligible to use the centers:

      • The contractor must have a completed registration form on file.
      • Contractor employees and vehicles must be clearly identified (e.g., vehicle signage, uniforms, hats).
      • The contractor must show proof of work site (e.g., invoice, note from resident, utility bill).
      • All waste materials must be unloaded by contractor employees with safety as the top priority.
      • Any materials that inadvertently fall outside of the disposal containers must be cleaned up efficiently.
      • All loose insulation must be disposed of in sealed bags to prevent blowing litter.
      • All bulk waste leaf loads must be taken to the Southern Area Convenience Center.
      • No PTO dump units are to be activated in any area of the Northern Area Convenience Center.
      • No PTO dump units are to be activated in the disposal bays at the Southern Area Convenience Center.
      • The unloading of all contractor waste loads must be completed by 5:30 pm daily.