Chris Clark

Emergency Management
Title: Emergency Management Planner
Phone: 804-796-7159
Chris Clark, Emergency Management Planner

Christina Clark has worked with various non-profits in Chesterfield enhancing resources by leveraging mutually beneficial partnerships in the community, while also developing volunteers and programs over the last eight years. She volunteered at the regional EMS patient distribution center and worked since the onset of the pandemic to distribute PPE and other resources to hospitals and long-term care facilities. As a resource analyst at Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition (CVHC), she enhanced experience with emergency management systems and processes beyond her previous involvement as a Chesterfield Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, a Master of Science in Geology, and has a strong background in data, geographic and resource management systems. She actively participates in local and regional emergency planning committees, while also working to enhance resources for our community. She currently serves as the vice-chair of the Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia Outreach committee.

Chris enjoys gardening, mountain biking, and spending any time in or around lakes.


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